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Antique Prints

There is a great fascination with collecting an antique print. Things of the past are valuable not only for their monetary value but often for sentimental as much as aesthetic value. While collecting art prints and photographs can be very personal and subjective it is very fun.

The beginning of a collection is developed through a fascination with something. It doesn’t matter if you are more fond of flowers, birds, beautiful woman, dance figures, or dragons and warriors. Just keep it fun. Think about what you already have and that might give you ideas. Whether it is a change from what decor and art you have already or simply adding to a color scheme.

But maybe you are wondering what qualifies as a print. Well, printed road maps, photographs, individually published prints and engravings that were hand made by an artist are some examples of prints. But what was once a commercial art print process for basic newspapers and books and magazines created with wood engraving or lithography, for example, is now known as fine art. And this modern day art can be distinguished by the words limited edition prints or original print and such information signifying the source of all future and prior prints. But antique prints have no such printing block source as there were artisans routinely at work and it was not considered important prior to 19th century art.

Here are a few ideas of art in print:
* Photomechanical Methods
* Woodcutting
* Wood Engraving
* Etching
* Lithography
* Engraving
* Stipple
* Mezzotint which is created by working from black to white instead of white to black
* Aquatint method of etching sections rather than lines

As you can see, there is much to learn about prints and art and a bit of learning in order to know what is old, new or reproduced but all along the way you can make it fun. Since you can find prints that let you explore the world and see places you have never seen, discover an activity you have never done, and people you have never met there is no end to the fascination that old prints can provide.

Prints open up the past and let you into a world that was a record of daily life long ago just as modern photography and art records this current era. So much of it is just beautiful to behold and stimulating to the mind and imagination. Your antique print can add much value to your life in more ways than one.

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