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Jewish Online Dating

The one way to find a match who shares your religious affiliation might be to join a Jewish online dating service. Sometimes, especially based on where you live, finding someone who shares your religion as well as your interests in life can be very difficult; and so going online may be the only way. This is especially true of those who live in small towns instead of big cities where there may not even be a synagogue to attend.

Jewish parents teach their children that it is important to marry someone of the same religion. They want to ensure the religion carries on and that their child marries someone who not only understands them as a person but the roots from which they come. They do not feel that marriage out of the religion is destined to work. When there is nowhere else to turn, and you tire of the matchmaking of parents and friends, it may be a good time to look into a Jewish online dating service. There are several and they all promise to help you meet a person who not only shares your religious upbringing but practice it in similar ways that you do.

The Jewish online dating services are based throughout the world and you can find a companion from just about any country. Several of the largest services are based in the United States and between them have several million members. They work like any other online service, you make a profile answering certain questions that each individual service will have and then you add a photo and wait to be contacted. Or you start searching until you find someone who attracts you and you contact them.
Many of these dating sites also have different forums to exchange ideas about what being Jewish means to you and how it influences your life. You can use these to ask questions about different religious holidays, exchange recipes or discuss world politics. Sometimes traveling to Israel will be the topic discussed. You can participate in any of the discussions you have an interest in. A Jewish online dating service may be just what you need to find your future companion and get your mother to stop pestering you about when you going to meet a nice Jewish girl/guy.

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