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Gay Online Dating Service

Many of the gay online dating services have a clientele that is a little more cautious then their heterosexual counterparts. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes it is still the need to remain unknown because family and friends are still not aware of their sexual leanings. Sometimes it is being careful because of concerns about the history of a new gay companion, but just as often, it is a caution in case the person they are talking with is not actually gay themselves and instead a nut trying to do them harm. Sad to say, but this has happened too many times.

One way to protect yourself if you are using a gay online dating service is to move slowly through a relationship before you decide to meet your potential companion. First, when getting to know the person you have connected with, be cautious. Do not give them any clear identifying information. This does not mean lie to them; it just means withhold a little. If they are interested in you, they will not have a problem with this. Exchange photos, but in the early stages, keep your communication either on the site or through email. When you feel ready to take the next step with the person you have connected with through he gay online dating site, then talk on the phone. See if the voice stirs you the way their letters did. If so, you should invest a little time in talking to them.

The next step will be meeting. But this should be approached cautiously. Pick a public place there you will be safe should anything go wrong. If you want to take a walk after a meal, do not do so in a place that is not well lit. Make sure someone knows where you have gone and with who even if this means leaving a note somewhere obvious in your home. If something should go wrong, you want to be able to help others figure out what happened to you. Have in mind a way to get out of a situation if it turns bad.

This does not mean that these web based dating services are not safe for the gay community. Many gay and lesbians use them and have found long term companions through these services. It just means that precautions may be a good idea to ensure your safety and happiness when using a gay online dating site.

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