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Choosing a Future Antique Item

I wonder what made items in the past become a future antique. Is it that they lasted long enough to become an antique or is there something special about all antiques that help them to acquire that status? I also sometimes am left wondering what, in this current time, will become an antique in the near or distant future. Here I'm going to explore what might make an item collectable and some things that you could save for an antique of the future.

So, why is something commonly bought collectable?
* Fastest thing I think of is - they are a limited edition or limited in the amount created
* They are produced in quantity but only for a short period of time
* The are a throw away item like a newspaper or a pez
* They occur as a result of a major event
* They might be a totally new breakthrough in technology at the time
* They declare a time, as in, the spirit of something
* Something that was once mass produced but has a very remarkable design

Now what accessories could be collected or be a collection that transforms into an antique for the future? Here are a few brief examples.

* Bamboo - One item that seems to have a long lasting quality is bamboo. You can find it in furniture and in basket weaving both of which usually have high tensile strength. Many unique items can be created with bamboo. Very durable and long lasting yet unique in many cases.
* Bottles especially perfume bottles
* Dolls have always been seen as collectable but how about Doll Houses
* The infamous Potter (Harry Potter) items
* Button Watches...now that is something to research
* Certain chairs some made from antique wood
* Toys that bring back memories from childhood
* Some Purses and handbags
* Miniature plastic figures, like a lord of the rings figure for example

Just use your imagination. You could decide to collect something based on a certain designer just like some people collect based on a favorite artist. You never know what will be a future antique but it sure can be fun to collect what you enjoy and see what happens.

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