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Internet Dating Costs

Although many sites for Internet dating are free, there are some very popular ones that charge for their services. With thirty million Americans accessing these sites on the Internet each month, this industry is making billions of dollars a year. Nonetheless, let us do a comparison of internet dating and trying it the old fashioned way. Despite monthly fees, which can range from nothing to well over a thousand dollars a year, there are no other costs as long as the relationship remains over the Internet which many do for quite a while before an initial meeting is set up.

Most Internet dating services charge twenty to thirty dollars a month. For this small amount, they provide the same things that the free ones do, but they claim that by paying even this small fee it shows that you are more serious about finding a companion than someone who can sign up for free and so be on many sites talking to many potential matches. The most expensive services are catering to those who are professionals making a lot of money and who want to meet someone in the same position. If you cannot afford the Internet dating fees, then you are not someone they want to meet.

The traditional method of courting requires likeminded people to be able to find each other somewhere amongst the people their friends set them up with or those they meet at work or in the clubs they go to. But this is only the beginning. Then there are the costs of dating, which include dinners, movies and other types of entertainment. There are the new outfits she will buy to impress him and the expensive restaurants he will take her to for the same reason. All of these dating expenses are in the early stages when you are still learning about one another and trying to decide if there is any compatibility between you. When you think about it, paying a small monthly fee for access to a web-based dating service will be less expensive than the costs of early dating. Then when you choose to meet in person, the initial courtship costs have been eliminated by your time spent using the Internet dating service.

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