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Collecting Asian Antigues

Some people are familiar with Asian art and when they think of an Asian antique they think of jade or of a painting. But there is a huge absolutely enormous antique Asian market and in it you might be best able to successfully collect small items. Here are some of the items that encompass the Asian art world and within it we will take a peak at some of the tiny easy to store collectibles that are a sensible investment.

Within the world of Asian art antiques you will find things that sound familiar like:
* Prints
* Paintings
* Furniture
* Jade carved items
* Pottery
* Porcelain
* Pendants
* Wooden Carvings
* Lacquered boxes
* Pill Box
* Cosmetic case
....and maybe some things that don't sound very familiar at all like:
* Netsuke
* Snuff Bottles
* Bronze ware
* Textiles
* Inro
* Stone bottle

Ok, so you recognize some or all of these. Now let�s explore some of the antiques that are in demand that just happen to be very small.

While you can imagine the skill required and the craftsmanship involved with making a hand carved piece the true beauty might not strike you until you have actually attended some functions and events that display the many works of Asian art. So, before you decide to collect an item do some research on the type of artwork that catches your fancy.

If you would like to collect something like a lacquer container of the finest workmanship then try an inro which is best described as a miniature cosmetic case or antique pillbox. These antique containers are designed in the most exquisite manner. They are meant to be accompanied by a netsuke which is like a modern keychain about an inch in height and they are usually crafted out of wood or carved out of ivory.

These Asian pieces of art are a good investment for an antique art collector. It is thought that these inros and netsuke collectibles will be a main stay in the Asian artesian marketplace. But if you are more interested in figurines then try jade.

Pieces of carved jade show the true mastery of an artist as jade is very difficult to carve. And it is even more difficult to carve a tiny piece. But the smaller the jade carving the more valuable it usually is. Among the jade carvings, look for figurines, bowls, animals and such. If you want to look for the 19th century carvings then you will find some very good buys as these can often have some of the finest craftsmanship.

You would also do well to look into snuff bottles made of jade or a stone bottle of Chinese origin. Now you wouldn�t go wrong with a large jade carving but as mentioned the smaller ones are usually more painstainkingly crafted and can fetch a high value. This could end up being a book on collecting Asian art antiques but we have explored some of the smaller collectible and popular art pieces.

So, whether you want to collect pendants, small snuff bottles or miniature pill boxes you have just entered the remarkably stable and huge world of the small Asian antique market.

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